Standard double room

Room Information


Prices will be updated from February 1, 2021

The maximum number of guests – 2
Additional bed – 20 GEL per night;
The Quantity of rooms (in this type of room) – 1

Room Description

Entire space 20 m2.
There is one double bed (size 180 cm-200cm) or two single beds(90/ 120 cm-200cm).
Each room has its balcony with the view of the sea.
There is a bathroom-shower baths-6 m2.

Amenities Available


  • Cozy and elegant hotel rooms with modern conveniences.
  • Modern furniture,
  • Condihoner,
  • Cable TV,
  • fridge,
  • fen,
  • internet,
  • hygienic accessories are available.
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