Effects of a small town “Shekvetili”

That’s why they say:


Effects of a small town "Shekvetili"

1. Cure diseases of inhalant organs

Straight prescription – Ozone of "Shekvetili". Blend of air from the sea and the mountain is full of oxygen. But it is not recommended for tubercular patient. Straight indication for bronchitis and asthmatic diseases. It is better to take the course of recovery during warm seasons of the year ( spring, autumn ).

2. Cures diseases of bone system

Straight prescription to cure rachitis, and other pathology of bones. "SHEKVETLI" is the best place to spend time after operation for rehabilitation.

3. Cures nervous system and diseases of blood – vessel

These diseases maybe: nervous, stress, sleepless nights, arrhythmia, pressure, after operation time in any season of the year. Stimulation of blood – vessel anaemia, low immunity, lack of appetite, lack of iodine.

4. It is good for skin illnesses

Such as allergy, purulent rash and other hives.

Air, climate and location (pine forests, sea, magnetic sand …) is recommended especially for children under the age of 10.
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